Name: Leah or Lea

Status: College student/ Athlete

Career: Im a painting major with a minor in Interactive media studies.

What do I want to do with my life: I want to work in the animation industry so I am going to keep pushing myself to succeed!

O, and I want to one day run in the Olympics in the 400m dash and 4x400m relay :D

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For that one person who got mad cause there’s suppose to be a certain way to spell YAAASSSS, get over yourself! You’re pretty pathetic and got some balls to write me on some dumb shit!! I’LL SAY IT HOWEVER THE HELL I WANT TO YAAASSSS!!! O and you called my White trash, well sorry to break it to you but Im not white either. So that makes you both stupid and racist! SO GET THE HELL OUT!! If anyone else has a problem on how I say things, GET OVER YOURSELF AND GET A LIFE!! THANK YOU


i’ve been staring at this gif for about 15 minutes


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